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6mm Gunmetal Tungsten Ring Engagement Rin Blue Wedding Ring

6mm Gunmetal Tungsten Ring Engagement Rin Blue Wedding Ring

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About Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide is the hardest of all metals. It is polished to a perfect mirror finish using diamonds, and unlike other metals, it will retain the exact polish for decades to come. In fact, the only way to scratch a tungsten ring is with a diamond. No other material will affect it. Tungsten is about 10 Times harder than 18K Gold, 5 Times harder than tool steel, and 4 Times harder than titanium. Reflection with a sparkling luster. Mirror polished finish and corrosion resistance.

All Our rings are engraved "TUNGSTEN CARBIDE" for authenticity. This ring polish is nearly impossible to damage, that's why you can use it anywhere, anytime. This is an original and genuine Tungsten product, perfect quality. No risk, all of our rings are COMFORT FIT and COBALT FREE.

6mmGunmetal Blue Tungsten Ring


  1. -Brush 
  2. -Width-6mm
  3. -Pipe Cut
  4. -Beveled Edges 
  5. -Gunmetal IP Plating 
  6. -Blue IP Plating 
  7. -Comfort fit 
  8. -Jewelry Grade Tungsten Carbide 
  9. -Sizes- 5-13 including Half Sizes & Quarter Sizes 
  10. -Hypoallergenic, Cobalt-Free
  11. -Free Ring Box
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