About Us

Welcome to Cool Rings USA part of WHOLESALE TUNGSTEN RINGS LLC. Our team members are experienced wedding band experts. We thrive on outstanding quality and unique styles. Our main objective is to make your wedding day special and exciting!  Cool Rings USA understands how urgent and important it is to have a specially designed wedding band. For that reason, we are here to fulfill your dreams! Please note we take each order very seriously and we work additional hours to make sure our customers receive their requests on time!

Why Choose Us?

You have already found that one person whom you can share your whole life with. Now you need a unique wedding ring that will perfectly symbolize your promises of forever.

Our wedding ring shop is here to make that step as simple as possible. Here are a few great reasons why you won’t regret choosing Cool Rings USA.

  • A Lifetime of Service

The value of the service that we provide doesn’t stop the moment you received your unique wedding ring. Just like your love story, you can enjoy lifetime assistance from our team, from ring cleaning to repair and resizing services.

  • Excellent Customer Care

We know that deciding which wedding ring is the best for you and your significant other is an important decision. That’s why the caring and polite staff at our wedding ring shop will always be patient in assisting you along the process of choosing your perfect rings. We are happy to suggest styles and designs that are a great match to your preferences.

  • Free Exchange Process and Free Shipping

At our wedding ring shop, you never have to worry about extra charges if you decide to change your ring. We will be happy to assist you in the exchange process, free of charge. We are also proud to offer free shipping for any order within the United States.

Our Cool Rings USA staff is honored to be a part of your special day!

Visit our in-person or online wedding ring shop today for your personalized and unique wedding ring in Los Angeles or anywhere in the United States with our Domestic shipping option.


Cool Rings USA